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SL-TLC1 DC Analog Throttle Pure DC output 0 to 24 V 6A

ANY scale - G, O, HO, N, or Z!

Price: $159.95 New

Features: The TLC1 Throttle uses an input of 20 to 24 volts DC for the voltage required by most G scale engines. Cooling is provided by dual bushless ball bearing fans for reliable operation. The throttle employs a 15 amp output stage but is conservatively rated at 6 amps continuous output. This unit is both a table-top and a hand held throttle.

The picture above shows the tabletop configuration with input/output connectors on top. The connectors can be placed on the bottom in less than two minutes by removing the faceplate and rotating the case 180 degrees as shown below.
In this configuration the unit is ideal for a palm held or walk around throttle with the input/output connectors coming out the bottom.

The throttle is a perfect match for our 24V 32.5A 800VA SL-PS800-3-28 32 amp power supply by ShourtLine shown above.

The throttle also has a coax input for use with our 20V 3A 60VA SL-PS60-1-20 . Shown above is the SL-PS60-1-20&TLC1 SET with track clips for fast and easy setup.

The throttle features a large forward/reverse switch and a quick response throttle. An exclusive emergency stop feature turns off all power output by simply pushing down on the throttle. Pulling the throttle out restores power.

Mfg: Made in the USA by Scale Lights - Soft Works Ltd.

Input Voltage: 0 to 24 VDC max. (18 to 24 VDC for 6 amp max. continuous output)

Input Current: 6 amps continous at 24 VDC max.

Output Voltage: 0 to maximum input voltage

Output Current: 6 amps continous at 24 VDC max.

Cooling: Provided by 2 low noise, ball bearing, brushless fans powered by input voltage.

Dimensions: 5.25L" x 3.25W" x 1.5"H (2.5H with throttle knob height") Palm Size for optional walk around use.

Weight: 1 Lbs.


  • 1 ea. 2.5mm power coax socket for DC input
You may use this coax socket with several of our UL approved power supplies, for total LGB compatibility and 3 amps of power at 20 volts pure DC use our model SL-PS60-1-20

20V 3A 60VA

For the maximum voltage of 24 volts and 1.67 amps of power use our model SL-PS36-1-24

24V 1.67A 36VA

You may also use similar rated sources of DC power that have a starndard 2.5mm plug size. Battery power may also be used but an inline fuse of 6 amps must be installed to avoid overloading your locos or throttles.
  • 1 ea. 4 terminal block screw connector for 22 to 14 guage wiring
Two terminals are available for input power when the coax power jack is not used. These are used to connect the throttle with the SL-PS200-1-27 tor he SL-PS800-3-28 power supply by ShourtLine as shown below.

24V 8.3A 200VA

SL-PS200-1-27&TLC1&Track Clips

24V 8.3A 200VA


24V 32.5A 800VA

PS800-3-29&TLC1&Track Clips

24V 8.3A 200VA

The other two terminals provide adjustable continuous pure DC power to your LGB trains or other DC loads.
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