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SL-LED-12-kit - G Scale Lighting for Passenger Cars

Fully light your LGB classic passenger coaches with only 25 ma (.025 amps) of power.

Easy to install kit can be added to your car without any drilling holes or modifying your car.

Enhance and preserve your cars value by adding the SL-LED12-kit.

Dim the lighting on you cars by adding our our optional SL-Dimmer-bd dimmer board that provides 0 to 100% brightness by rotating the rear dimmer that attaches to roof vent or bottom of car mounted dimmer.

SL-LED-12-kit for Passenger Cars

Shourt Line Direct Discount Price: $93.25 New

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Included items:

  • SL-LED-12-kit:
    • Complete photo based instructions for an easy install
    • 12 super bright 5mm warm white LEDs - color balanced to LGB bulbs (2700 Degrees Kelvin)
    • 12 LED holders for mounting and prototypical look
    • 6 lighting boards for mounting LEDs with holders and serve as a light reflector for efficient lighting
    • Screws and attachment pads for lighting boards.
    • LED supply for converting AC, DC, DCC or MTS power and current regulation for LEDs
    • Wiring for power in and out of your coach for use with your choice of connectors below or for direct connection to power pickup from the cars wheels.
  • PLUS Your choice of either the round (SL-LGB-RPC)or square (SL-LGB-SPC) power connector sets:
    • SL-LGB-RPC:
      • LGB round mini-banana power connectors (original LGB power connectors for use between loco and cars and car to car lighting) includes 2 plugs(male), 2 sockets(female) red & black for each type. These can be used with the SL-LED-12-kit to connect to the power jack of your LGB or other mfg. loco and pass the power to following cars using the two socket connectors (female).
      • This is perfect for LGB locos manufactured before 2000 that used the round style connectors.
      • An adapter is available at the Shourt Line for adapting the round to square style connectors so the round style can be used with the newer square LGB power connectors.
    • SL-LGB-SPC:
      • LGB square 2 pin power connector kit: 1 socket (Female) with 8" wire for connecting to your newer LGB loco using the square power connector style and , 1 plug (Male) for passing power to following cars.
      • This is perfect for LGB locos manufactured after 1995 that used the square style power connectors.
      • An adapter is available at the Shourt Line for adapting the round to square style connectors so the square style connectors can be used with the older locos using round LGB power connectors.

Required tools:

  • Scissors
  • Wire Stripper or x-acto knife
  • Philips screw driver
  • Drill and 1/4" drill bit
  • Soldering Iron/solder and/or wire wrap tool (available at the Shourt Line)

Skill Level:

  • Beginner - safe operation of a drill and soldering iron experience required.


  • Kit Manufactured in the USA by the Shourt Line
  • Input: 18 to 24 volts AC, DC, DCC, MTS or battery power
  • input voltage: 25ma (.025 amps = 1/3 the power of an LGB 24V bulb at 20X brightness)


  • LED current regulation
  • Each of the 6 compartments, including the toilet, are lighted from one of 6 lighting boards
  • Large white reflectors on each lighting board distribute the light evenly in each compartment
  • The Pat Pend. design hides the wiring and creates a prototypical car interior
  • Designed for MTS or DCC operation (DC operation requires SL-BB-19-bd described below)
  • Made in the USA

Optional items for use with the SL-LED-12-kit: (not included with the kit but available at the Shourt Line store

Professional Installation by the Shourt Line: Just send us your car or the roof only if powering direct from your loco.

SL-Dimmer-bd This low profile dimmer board fits between the roof of the car and the LED panel in the SL-LED-12-kit. This allows 0 to 100% brightness by rotating the rear vent on your car. The dimmer can also be installed in the on the bottom of your cars in the spaces provided by LGB and the dimmer control can be mounted in the vertical cylinder on the bottom of the LGB car so all items are totally hidden and sealed from the weather. Instructions show the mounting options.

SL-BB-19-bd This Buck/Boost High Efficiency regulator can be used to power up to 700 ma of 19Volt power from any track voltage from 1.7 to 27Volts AC, DC or DCC/MTS power. It provides over 93% efficient power conversion as apposed to linear voltage regulators used by other manufactures which waste over 500% of your power in heat. This low profile voltage power source can be placed next to the dimmer in either mounting positrons and allows the SL-LED-12-Kit to be use with ANY source of power.

SL-LGB-R2SPC LGB round mini-banana to square type connector adapter for use with round style lighting connectors that need to plug into newer locos that require the square power connector.

SL-LGB-S2RPC LGB square to round mini-banana adapter for use with square style lighting connectors that need to plug into an older loco using round mini-banana power jacks.


SL-LED-12-kit for Passenger Cars
The SL-LED12-kit uses only 1/3 the power of a single LGB 24 volt bulb but has 20X the lighting power!

SL-LED-12-kit for Passenger Cars
Dimming is continuous from 0 to 100% when used with the optional SL-Dimmer-bd.

SL-LED-12-kit for Passenger Cars

SL-LED-12-kit for Passenger Cars
Don't leave your passengers in the dark, use the SL-LED-12-kit to light up your cars both day and night. All aboard!

Made in the USA - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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